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All-in-One Food App

Find, store, and make meal plans with your favorite recipes, packaged foods, and restaurant meals.

Free Meal Planner

Plan your week with our meal planner with nutritional information + automatic shopping list. Save templates to reuse.

Synced and Connected

App syncs with website and other devices, so you can take your recipes and meal plans with you.

Food Journal

Keep track of the restaurants you visit, what you ordered, and how you liked it. Rank the best meals in your city or during your travels!


What our meal planning app can do for you

Your Own Recipes

Store your own recipes online. Keep Grandma's apple pie recipe safe and share the link with friends and family.

Search Engine

Find recipes, packaged foods, and restaurant meals to add to your meal planner.

Free Meal Planner

Make weekly plans with our meal planner. Add recipes, storebought food, and soon restaurant dishes.

Eat Healthier

Get the nutritional information for every recipe, product, and restaurant meal. Track your nutrition.

Recipe of the Day

Get inspired by the day's best recipe.

Android and iOS

Recipe Saver/Clipper

Use our recipe saver to "clip" recipes to our website and access them all in the app.

For Any Diet

Search for recipes/products for vegan, gluten free, and Paleo diets or with/without certain ingredients.

Save Money

Get a price estimate for every recipe and day on your plan.

Shopping List

Generate your grocery list automatically.

And more!

New features added often - send us your requests!


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App Review

"This is brilliant - I have been looking for something like this for so long!"

- Gretchen, nutritionist 5/5 Stars!

App Review

"spoonacular is a godsend and the new app, with its shopping list and meal planner, only increases its value in my eyes!"

- Lee 5/5 Stars!

App Review

"How/why is this free? I'd happily pay for an app."

- Cara 5/5 Stars!

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SCREEN Recipe Search
SCREEN Recipe Nutrition
SCREEN Product Search
SCREEN Restaurant Meal View
SCREEN Meal Planner
SCREEN Food Journal Entry


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